Veggie Party! in Lima Peru

On Friday the Spoon Revolution Lima performed the Veggie Party (Pro-fund) which was a success.
We could have a great feast vegan, an environment full of food and art conscious.
We heart glad everyone here (although they are not noticed) are a manifestation of that there are still young people do not need any kind of toxic for fun.
I really mentioned it because we are in an era where the consciousness of the majority of people are heavily polluted. We appreciate that in all of you and we also struggle every day to be part of the society that we long to see, we strive to be an example and that is what I ask you all, do not give up in their struggle especially having each with his own ego.
Thanks for your cooperation we can still keep growing as Spoon Revolution in Peru.
It will have be a festival in Villa Maria and thanks to you we have the fund! More activism for all and remember that either of you can join the Revo! Anyone who strives to awaken consciousness and is part of this Revolution!

Sobre Isa

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